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Traditional Window Cleaning. Even in this modern world, sometimes the oldest methods are the best. This can be the most cost effective solution for retail windows especially as we can clean both the inside and outside surfaces of the window using the same method. We also clean the window sills, frames and other features giving our customers a complete service.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning. This is a modern solution we use to clean windows up to approximately 80 feet high. It is the preferred method for many kinds of retail and commercial premises. A telescopic pole is fitted with a brush and water jets. Pure water is then fed up the pole and sprayed onto the window while the brush is used to remove the dirt. Pure water is an effective window cleaning method and leaves your windows perfectly clean and spotless.

Mobile Elevated Platforms (MEWP).  MEWPs are used when traditional or water fed poles are not able to reach the height required to effectively clean the windows. All our operatives are certified with the correct body and license to operate safely any type of MEWP. We use; Cherry pickers, Scissor lifts, Spider lifts, Truck Mounts and many more!

Building Maintance Units (BMU) or Cradle. Modern high rise buildings are often fitted with BMUs. The cradle systems allow our teams to clean the windows at any height on the building. Our operatives are trained to safely work on these platforms.

Rope Access. Also known as abseil window cleaning, our highly skilled rope access window cleaners are able to clean windows that would otherwise be unreachable via other methods. Exciting to watch, our versatile rope access cleaners are always connected to at least two ropes that are individually anchored. They are able to almost effortlessly ascend and descend; switching from rope to rope as they traverse your building.

Whatever kind of commercial window cleaning job we undertake, we always carry out a detailed assessment to determine the best and most appropriate method to use. No job is too big or too small for us, please contact us today to arrange a window cleaning survey!