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Site Surveys and Building Inspections

Whether you’re looking to expand a building project or examine your current property, it’s important to consult a service that is known for their expertise in site surveying and building inspections. You need a service that pays attention to detail, is transparent about all of the findings and smoothly integrates into your planning for maximum efficiency.

We’ve worked with many clients in the past that have all been tremendously pleased with our professional service and experienced staff. Whether you need an internal building inspection, and external inspection or even a long-distance aerial survey, we’re capable of providing you with the service that you need to plan your next project.

We understand that everyone has different needs in a site surveying and inspection service, which is why we invite you to speak to us directly so that we can discuss your project in more detail. No matter how complicated or simple you believe your job to be, we won’t shy away from requests and would be more than happy to work around your requirements to deliver you the best service available.

Site Surveys

No matter what you need a site survey inspection for, your task is in capable hands with our experts. Whether it’s for the sake of a risk assessment or a cleaning related inspection, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate and thorough report of your site. Our experts have years of experience identifying issues such as risks, contamination, acoustics, air quality and even hazardous materials like asbestos. We’re confident that we can offer you a quality site survey at an affordable price and with great efficiency.

No matter how small or large your site is, we’ll go through every nook and cranny to give you an accurate report of your site. Be it a hospital, an old office building, a school or even a supermarket, we’ll comb through everything to give you a detailed report for any request that you throw at us.

Given the diverse nature of a site survey, we recommend that you get in touch with us so that we can discuss your needs and requirements. It’s important to remember that everyone’s requirements are different when seeking a site survey, so give us all of the details and we’ll tailor our services to your requirements.

Building Inspections

External inspections are just as important as internal site surveys. Whether you plan to renovate a large apartment block or if you want to check the structural integrity of a building before refurbishing it, our experts can provide you with a comprehensive building inspection that will inform you of every detail no matter how big or small.

Our clients have many varied requests when it comes to building inspections. Some require thorough wall inspections to ensure that they are structurally sound, or to identify which walls can be knocked down to create more space in a building. Others require us to inspect the roof of a property so they can know the expected lifetime it has left, any immediate issues that need to be dealt with or if their entire roof needs replacing. Sometimes, we’re also asked to check the gutter systems of large properties to ensure that nothing is clogging them.

Whatever your building inspection request is, we’ll be sure to complete it so that we can offer you a detailed report at the end of our work. No matter how complicated or trivial you think your building inspection requirement is, we won’t treat it any differently and we’ll dedicate ourselves to giving you the best service for your money.

Aerial Surveys

Aerial surveys are required to inspect a building site before taking the project to the next step. They can also be used for the sake of photography and videos using advanced drones that are equipped with high-quality cameras. These clear images and videos are perfect for surveying purposes but they can also be used for marketing or promotional materials as well.

Or aerial survey services can also be used for mapping. We’re equipped to carry out even the most demanding large-scale surveying projects that involve our drones. The results can be used to create detailed prototypes and modelling examples, or they can be used for floodplain mapping and risk assessments. The results of an aerial survey can have a wide range of different uses, so make sure you contact us if you’re unsure if it’s the right service for your needs. No matter what your request is, you can leave it to our capable experts.


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