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From basic blower-style dryers to more advanced hand drying solutions, we offer a diverse range of appliances that can be used in a wide variety of situations. If you only need a cheap hand dryer to fit a public restroom then we can provide those. However, if you need a more luxurious option to equip an equally luxurious bathroom, then don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your needs or requirements. We stock a range of different hand dryers that are commonly used in real-world applications, so you’re guaranteed to get a reliable product. Hand dryers are present in many public restrooms, but no one really discusses how to effectively operate them. While most people are aware that regular hand washing is a central part of good hygiene, effectively drying your hands is also key to staying healthy and reducing the spread of germs. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of hand dryers, and also offers quick instructions on how to operate them in a hygienic manner.

Hand dryers are electrical devices that generate heat when turned on. The use of hand dryer has many advantages. It is energy efficient and cost effective. Even though the device and its installation tend to be costly, there is no need to spend for one time use paper towels that when summed up could be more expensive in the long run. They are also considered more hygienic and environment friendly as there would not be a case of trash overload due to paper towels. Readily available paper towels everywhere also tends people to excessively use them increasing the need for more trees to be cut down. Throwing of paper towels in toilets are also prevented which is the usual cause of clogging of toilets and sinks. Because of these advantages, hand dryers are beginning to replace paper towels in many public washrooms. This can be effortlessly checked whether you consider the way that you should plug them into an electric outlet though you should consistently buy paper towels and need to discard used paper towels. What’s more, because paper towels can’t be reused, they additionally wind up adding to the volume of landfills. Also, the use of paper towels implies that trees must be chopped down and prepared for the paper. This article looks at the points of interest and drawbacks of using the best electric hand dryers rather than the more typical use of paper towels.