Feminine Hygiene

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At Maid Marion, we offer a range of products to suit every situation and that include feminine hygiene products. We’ll have many different types of feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, tampons, maxi pads, creams and specialized products for menstruation, maternity and menopause among other requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or if you have questions.

Feminine hygiene products are personal care products used by girls and women during menstruation, vaginal discharge, and other bodily functions related to the vagina. Products meant to cleanse the area of the vagina, such as feminine deodorants, feminine powders, feminine soaps, and feminine wipes have also been described as “feminine hygiene” products. These products may lead to allergic reaction and irritation as the vagina naturally flushes out bacteria. Many health professionals advise against douching because it can change the balance of vaginal flora and acidity. No matter how comfortable we are with our bodies, we all have times where we question about feminine hygiene education is important when it comes to feminine hygiene. You likely learned about your body from an array of sources—school, the Internet, BFFs, your mom. Chances are, though, some feminine hygiene skills were never taught to you or have evolved over time. These are the things which you should keep in mind:-

  1. Keep the vagina clean and dry

Cotton is breathable, making it an ideal fabric selection for underwear. It can down on moisture as it keeps your skin cool and dry. With breathable fabrics like cotton, you have a reduced risk of bacterial growth and infections

  1. Eat right

Maintaining a healthy diet can do your body and your vagina good. Foods like yogurt with live cultures contain good-for-you bacteria that help promote vaginal health. If you are inclined to urinary infections.

  1. Use fresh towels

Wash and replace towel and washcloths after you use them. Reusing towels isn’t wise because bacteria can cling to these surfaces. And that potentially puts you at risk for an infection.

  1. Stay clean

It sounds simple but it’s important to wipe from front to back until the toilet paper shows no residue. That will help prevent bacteria from getting into the vagina. Change sanitary pads and tampons regularly during your period.

Maintaining feminine hygiene is important to your overall health because in addition to preventing odors, itching, and discomfort, practicing feminine hygiene can also prevent bacterial infections from occurring. In some cases, bacterial infections may lead to sterility, disease, cancer, and other health problems.