A dispenser is a machine or container designed so that you can get an item or quantity of something from it in an easy and convenient way.

Whether you’re equipping a public restroom or a lavish hotel bathroom, it’s important to have the right dispensers to in order to deliver these products. Try to find someone who could provide both high-quality and economical solutions for all of your dispensing needs. Be it automatic soap and sanitizer dispensing appliances or large toilet roll holders. a machine or container that you can get something from by pulling a handle or pressing a button

Dispensers are of two types :

Automated Dispenser

Manual Dispenser

An automatic dispenser is a wall-mounted device used to dispense by pressing it against the inside plates of the dispenser, so it automatically squeezes an appropriate amount of product and avoids waste.


A paper-towel dispenser is a device that dispenses paper towels in a public restroom. Some are operated by a handle, some by pulling the paper from the dispenser, and others by automatic dispensation in response to a motion sensor.

Such dispensers are common in North America and other western countries. They are either used to replace hand dryers or used in tandem to offer users alternatives to drying their hands. Some areas opt not to use them as towels create litter and are less environmentally friendly. Replacing hand dryers with towels is seen as a way to reduce the further dispersal of toilet aerosols in public washrooms known as toilet plume.


An automatic soap dispenser is specifically a hands-free dispenser of soap (both liquid soap and foaming soap), but generally can be used for other liquids such as hand sanitizers, shampoos or hand lotions. Automatic dispensers are often batter-powered. The touch-free design dispenses the liquid when a sensor detects motion under the nozzle. The electronic components of an automatic soap dispenser allow for a timing device or signal (sound, lights, etc.) which can indicate to the user whether they have washed their hands for the correct amount of time or not.

Hands-free dispensers for water and soap/hand sanitizer have particular virtues  for operating theatres and treatment rooms.

A soap dispenser is a device that, when manipulated or triggered appropriately, dispenses soap  (usually in small, single-use quantities). It can be manually operated by means of a handle, or can be automatic. Soap dispensers are often found in public toilets.