Wood Floor Restoration and Maintenance

///Wood Floor Restoration and Maintenance
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Busy homes and public locations get plenty of foot traffic that will ultimately leave stains and marks on even the most expensive wooden flooring. Yet, it’s also one of the best-looking materials to use for a floor if you want a modern look and reliability. Sadly, all of that punishment will eventually wear down your wooden flooring and make it look horribly worn out. This is where Maid Marions can come in handy to rescue your wooden floor and restore it to its natural beauty.

We manage all types of commercial and domestic wood floors including floors in houses and apartments, sports halls and even commercial uses like a library or store. The most common way to restore or maintain your wooden flooring is to use a sanding method. This leaves your wood flooring looking its best and gives it a natural shine that is sure to draw attention.

Simply give us a call and we’ll come over to inspect your wood floor. We’ll let you know the best course of action and what we can idealess do to restore it to its one time beauty. We use a range of different sanding and polishing techniques to reach your desired goal. Natural, engineered and laminate wood flooring is beautiful — yet vulnerable. Without a professional preventative maintenance and wood floor restoration plan, these hard surfaces can become dull, scratched and lacking in their original luster.

Nightly janitorial services are not enough to preserve the appearance of your hardwood flooring investment. The janitorial team may perform their services according to scope, but this type of cleaning is not effective for wood floor restoration. In fact, if done incorrectly, it can even damage surfaces and invalidate material warranties. Over time, your wood floors can take a beating. Whether you have pets, children or heavy-traffic areas, the finish on your hardwood floors can dull after years of use.

The challenges janitorial staff face are lack of training in wood floor preventative maintenance, lack of knowledge of the many different types of natural and engineered wood surfaces and their corresponding manufacturer warranties, and the heavy traffic wood floors may endure. We only use the best quality wooden floor products and materials, ensuring that the client always gets the best possible results. We like to think of ourselves as an honest and hard working team, which aims to get the job done on time and also in their budget!