Tiled Floor Restoration and Maintenance

///Tiled Floor Restoration and Maintenance
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Tiles are a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to a floor. However, tiles aren’t immune to damage and can easily be cracked or dirtied by regular use. Whether it’s traces of sand on the bottom of our shoes or dropping heavy items onto the ground, the sealant that gives tiled flooring its smooth finish can easily be damaged and scratched away, thus causing your tiled floors to look dull and boring. Our expert services will help you clean, maintain and even restore your tiled flooring to keep it looking fantastic even after many years of use.

First, we’ll remove any chemicals or sealants that could add to the damage. Next, we’ll clean the floor several times over to ensure that there are no traces of dirt or grime left. Once done, we’ll seal it so that it remains glossy yet stays protected from further damage. We’ll also assist in polishing your floor if you wish to obtain a certain look for your tiled floors. We may even be able to repair cracks depending on the severity of the damage.

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your situation so that we can help you restore your tiled floor and keep it maintained for many years to come. Tile is known for its water resistance and easy cleaning.

Many types of man made and natural material can be used in tiles to create lavish flooring. Every one of these materials has its own modulation when it comes to cleaning, sealing and restoring, with many different effects being possible. You can find out more about many of the types of tile that we work with below. It is almighty important to know what type of tile or stone floor you have in order to select the right cleaning processes and products to use. We not only adapt our working process to the material, but also your unique needs. All types of tile floor are an investment that should be protected, and used to enhance your home. Sweep or vacuum floors to remove any dust before using any cleaning products. Mop your tile floor at least once each week Clean regularly with an all-purpose, non-oil-based household cleaner that’s compatible with cleaning grout joints. Use an everyday multipurpose spray cleaner to remove soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew on wall tiles in your bath or shower.