Stone Floor Restoration and Maintenance

///Stone Floor Restoration and Maintenance
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Stone floors are an expensive investment, but they look absolutely stunning when well-kept. Sadly, many people neglect their stone floors and allow the coatings to be worn off and they might even let the stone itself become cracked or damaged. Whether you have terrazzo, marble, limestone or even quartz floors, the restoration and maintenance of your flooring is in capable hands.

Different types of stones will require different levels of work. For example, high-quality marble will require a different type of polish to terrazzo. As a result, we’ll need to inspect your stone flooring so that we can make a proper judgment on what methods we’ll use to polish your floor. This is perhaps the most important part of stone floor refurbishment and any floor restoration service that skips the identification process is likely a fraudulent company.

Due to the variation between stone polishing techniques, it’s important to contact us for further information before we go deeper into the specifics. However, you can rest assured that Maid Marions has the expertise and tools to restore and maintain any type of stone flooring that you may have. We treat each job differently to ensure the highest quality of results and we don’t make any compromises

Stone floor cleaning solutions, stone polishing products and repair techniques are always applied in a considered and mindful way. We are acutely aware of the need to protect and preserve our heritage and care for the environment as well as the marble, granite or natural stone surface we treat

Each marble is different, no two granites alike. We ensure that your stone surface is carefully matched to the stone cleaning solution and floor polishing process. Great care is taken and other surrounding surfaces are fully protected during the stone cleaning and polishing process, we leave nothing behind except your beautiful stonework. Stone flooring comes in such a variance dependent on whether it is an interior or exterior installation. The stone type determines the appearance and performance of the floor. Typical interior stone types are; marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo, sandstone, terracotta, quartz, onyx, basalt tiles. Each stone type has a rating on the scale of hardness; this will dictate how the surface will wear with regular abrasion from footfall or traffic. Exterior stone types will be on the higher end of the scale and will be more resistant to the elements and abrasion, these will typically be slate, granite, sandstone and concrete based materials.