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The floor of your property is often the most overlooked. However, it’s also one of the most hard-working parts of your property because it’s stepped on by dozens or even hundreds of people in a single day. All that use can contribute to dirt, stains, marks and many types of damage that could leave your property looking battered and horrible.

Maid Marions offers a comprehensive floor restoration service. Our experts will be able to recondition your flooring by using the latest equipment and materials to return it to its former glory. We use only the best machinery available in the industry and our staffs are expertly trained in their use, giving you peace of mind that your flooring is safe in our hands.

Our floor restoration services cover a wide range of floor types such as wood, vinyl, tiled and stone floors. Our services also include gum removal services that can help you remove pesky ingrained gum from carpets, floors and other external areas to keep your property looking professional and clean. If you want to give your visitors the best first impression you can afford, then our reliable services are second to none.

If you want to learn more, then here are some of the floor restoration and maintenance services that we offer on the four most common types of flooring.

A well maintained floor gives the impression of a well maintained premise. Floor Maintenance Services such as Buffing, Refinishing Services gives immediate impact on business and home. We offer a full line of services to restore and maintain any floor surface whether it is one time cleaning, or an on-going maintenance program.

Services which we offer are as follows:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Stripping or Refinishing
  • Buffing
  • Tile or Grout Cleaning
  • Concrete Cleaning or Staining


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