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Floor Restoration and Maintenance Service

The floor of your property is often the most overlooked. However, it’s also one of the most hard-working parts of your property because it’s stepped on by dozens or even hundreds of people in a single day. All that use can contribute to dirt, stains, marks and many types of damage that could leave your property looking battered and horrible.

Maid Marions offers a comprehensive floor restoration service. Our experts will be able to recondition your flooring by using the latest equipment and materials to return it to its former glory. We use only the best machinery available in the industry and our staff are expertly trained in their use, giving you peace of mind that your flooring is safe in our hands.

Our floor restoration services cover a wide range of floor types such as wood, vinyl, tiled and stone floors. Our services also include gum removal services that can help you remove pesky ingrained gum from carpets, floors and other external areas to keep your property looking professional and clean. If you want to give your visitors the best first impression you can afford, then our reliable services are second to none.

If you want to learn more, then here are some of the floor restoration and maintenance services that we offer on the four most common types of flooring.

Wood Floor Restoration and Maintenance

Busy homes and public locations get plenty of foot traffic that will ultimately leave stains and marks on even the most expensive wooden flooring. Yet, it’s also one of the best-looking materials to use for a floor if you want a modern look and reliability. Sadly, all of that punishment will eventually wear down your wooden flooring and make it look horribly worn out. This is where Maid Marions can come in handy to rescue your wooden floor and restore it to its natural beauty.

We manage all types of commercial and domestic wood floors including floors in houses and apartments, sports halls and even commercial uses like a library or store. The most common way to restore or maintain your wooden flooring is to use a sanding method. This leaves your wood flooring looking its best and gives it a natural shine that is sure to draw attention.

Simply give us a call and we’ll come over to inspect your wood floor. We’ll let you know the best course of action and what we can realistically do to restore it to its former beauty. We use a range of different sanding and polishing techniques to reach your desired goal.

Vinyl Floor Restoration and Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is one of the cheaper options due to its popularity and uses in both commercial and domestic applications. It’s really durable, lasts a long time and doesn’t cost much in comparison to wood, tiles or stone. It can also be made into unique designs to give you more customization. However, vinyl flooring isn’t immune to the effects of wear and year which is why you still need to look for a reliable floor restoration service to help you clean it up.

Although vinyl floors are fairly resilient, they can easily become scratched which causes them to lose their renowned durability. To prevent this, we use a variety of different high-quality polishes to add a protective layer over the vinyl flooring that will give it a pristine shine but also protect it from further damage. This layer of polish can be reapplied several times in order to protect your flooring.

If your vinyl flooring has suffered too much, then we’ll use a stripping solution and pads to remove the coating and any leftover residue. Once that’s done, we’ll apply our own fresh coat to breathe new life into your worn vinyl flooring.

Tiled Floor Restoration and Maintenance

Tiles are a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to a floor. However, tiles aren’t immune to damage and can easily be cracked or dirtied by regular use. Whether it’s traces of sand on the bottom of our shoes or dropping heavy items onto the ground, the sealant that gives tiled flooring its smooth finish can easily be damaged and scratched away, thus causing your tiled floors to look dull and boring. Our expert services will help you clean, maintain and even restore your tiled flooring to keep it looking fantastic even after many years of use.

First, we’ll remove any chemicals or sealants that could add to the damage. Next, we’ll clean the floor several times over to ensure that there are no traces of dirt or grime left. Once done, we’ll seal it so that it remains glossy yet stays protected from further damage. We’ll also assist in polishing your floor if you wish to obtain a certain look for your tiled floors. We may even be able to repair cracks depending on the severity of the damage.

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your situation so that we can help you restore your tiled floor and keep it maintained for many years to come.

Stone Floor Restoration and Maintenance

Stone floors are an expensive investment, but they look absolutely stunning when well-kept. Sadly, many people neglect their stone floors and allow the coatings to be worn off and they might even let the stone itself become cracked or damaged. Whether you have terrazzo, marble, limestone or even quartz floors, but the restoration and maintenance of your flooring in our capable hands.

Different types of stones will require different levels of work. For example, high-quality marble will require a different type of polish to terrazzo. As a result, we’ll need to inspect your stone flooring so that we can make a proper judgement on what methods we’ll use to polish your floor. This is perhaps the most important part of stone floor refurbishment and any floor restoration service that skips the identification process is likely a fraudulent company.

Due to the variation between stone polishing techniques, it’s important to contact us for further information before we go deeper into the specifics. However, you can rest assured that Maid Marions has the expertise and tools to restore and maintain any type of stone flooring that you may have. We treat each job differently to ensure the highest quality of results and we don’t make any compromises.


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