Security Services

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It’s important to control who comes in and goes out of your property, but it’s also essential to protect your property from potential thieves and burglars. If your property is compromised, then there’s no telling what level of damage could be caused by your assets being stolen, passwords being changed or even property being vandalised. Luckily, you have our trusted security services on your side.

Let us give you peace of mind by securing your property with the help of our experts. From CCTV to alarm systems, we’ll help you plan and install the perfect security setup for your needs. With our proven track record and many satisfied clients all across Redditch, your property is in safe hands with Maid Marions.

With our thorough risk assessment and inspections, we’ll carry out regular maintenance on your property to ensure that your security system is still capable of protecting your assets and belongings. Knowing that your property is safe and sound when you’re not present is worth the extra effort, and we offer you that safety at competitive prices, so feel free to contact us for more details or if you have more questions on our methods, tools or procedures.