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Facilities Management Services

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Building and facilities management can be a tricky subject. With so many different bases to cover, it’s hard to manage dozens of different contractors to cover things like security and property maintenance, but that’s where our expertise comes in.

At Maid Marions, we offer a wide range of facilities management services including property maintenance, security services, fire and access control, pest control, grounds maintenance and emergency response units. Our turnkey solution means that we’re the only facilities management company that you’ll ever need. We tailor our facilities management solutions to your needs to offer you the best possible outcome with no compromises.

We manage a large network of contractors to offer you a complete service that you can hire for managing your facility. Our experience has given us a solid reputation and we work together with some of the largest property management companies across the company. We staff only the most experienced and skilled experts to undertake the work that you require.

Our operations have extended throughout the region and we now offer our complete services to the following areas:

  • Redditch
  • Bromsgrove
  • Droitwich
  • Coventry
  • Worcester
  • Kidderminster
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham
  • Wolverhampton
  • Nottingham

We’ll be more than happy to fit our services around your needs, so contact us on the form below for more details.

Property Maintenance

Maid Marions provides the most comprehensive property maintenance service that you’ll find in the Redditch area and beyond. Our skilled and experienced staff will be more than happy to meet your requirements in any area of property maintenance that you require. Whether it’s dealing with gas issues, creating new sets of locks and keys or solving plumbing problems, our agents are well-trained to deal with all manner of property maintenance tasks.

Our property maintenance services include but are not limited to appliance installation and removal, roofing requirements, glazing, decorating, drainage, alarms, CCTV and electrical needs. Whatever your premise goes through, we have the expertise and tools to keep it well-maintained for your needs.

We cover a wide range of property maintenance tasks and can offer you a complete turnkey solution so you don’t need to contact several different companies for different tasks–we’ll handle everything. Our services are offered at competitive prices and we’re more than happy to discuss specific needs that you may have. Your property is in safe hands with our services and you can relax knowing that you have experts working diligently to keep your property well-maintained.

Grounds Maintenance

Whether your property is small or large, you’ve no doubt got grounds to cover that surround your property. Even if it’s just a small area in front of your property, it’s important to keep appearances up so that your visitors get a great first impression of your company. Keeping your grounds maintained is easy with our dedicated staff, but we can also go the extra mile.

Our grounds maintenance service includes taming your outdoor areas, such as cutting your grass, mowing it to keep it looking fantastic, planting or maintaining flower beds and even trimming shrubberies and hedges. We also offer weed control services which are vital for larger properties that make ample use of foliage. We also specialise in clearing obstructions such as snow and dirt, and we can even perform inspections to ensure that your grounds are safe and conform to any safety regulations that you need to meet.

With our talented staff, it’s easy to keep your grounds well-maintained. Whether you need to clear up a messy front entrance to your property or if you need specialists to maintain a luxury garden, our grounds maintenance experts will be more than happy to assist with your needs.

Emergency Response Units

Roof damaged and leaking? Security system going berserk? Fire alarms need their batteries replacing? Not to worry, because we also offer a comprehensive emergency response service that is available at your beck and call. We understand that certain incidents can completely ruin your property and it would take a regular contractor days to come out and help you repair the damage or fix your appliances. At Maid Marions, we understand that keeping your property in good shape is important. Neglecting damage to your property can cause a large number of issues, which is why we’re dedicated to offering you the best emergency response you can find in Redditch and beyond.

If you’re in need of immediate relief on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick response. We’ve helped many clients in the past with emergency situations and we’ve always been able to assist in order to reduce long-term damage and also ensure continuity. Whether it’s damage to your property, a broken appliance or a flooding issue, don’t let a freak accident ruin your day–give us a call and we’ll see what our emergency response teams can do to help you recover from your ordeal.

Surveys and Inspections

It’s important to control who comes in and goes out of your property, but it’s also essential to protect your property from potential thieves and burglars. If your property is compromised, then there’s no telling what level of damage could be caused by your assets being stolen, passwords being changed or even property being vandalised. Luckily, you have our trusted security services on your side.

Let us give you peace of mind by securing your property with the help of our experts. From CCTV to alarm systems, we’ll help you plan and install the perfect security setup for your needs. With our proven track record and many satisfied clients all across Redditch, your property is in safe hands with Maid Marions.

With our thorough risk assessment and inspections, we’ll carry out regular maintenance on your property to ensure that your security system is still capable of protecting your assets and belongings. Knowing that your property is safe and sound when you’re not present is worth the extra effort, and we offer you that safety at competitive prices, so feel free to contact us for more details or if you have more questions on our methods, tools or procedures.


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