Cleaning: Expectation vs. Reality Part 1

/Cleaning: Expectation vs. Reality Part 1
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When choosing a commercial cleaning contractor there are a number of factors to consider; how many hours, what’s the budget, when do I want need them?

These questions, and the subsequent answers are crucial to a successful working relationship between a contractor and the client.

At Maid Marions, our focal aim is to ensure that your expectations and the reality of the service are aligned.

The biggest constraint for any organisation or project, is budget. We have worked with clients on flagship retail stores or private manor houses where image is EVERYTHING so the budget for the cleaning is significant and allows the scope to be much more detailed. Any situation where a scope does not align with the budget will only lead to reality which falls very short of the reality.

That said, the importance of a clean, health environment is vital for any organisation and has been proven to enhance the experience of stakeholders. An increased experience will also increase productivity of all users. Therefore, when you meet a member of our team to quote, we need to understand what you want to allow us to put together a proposal that ensures your expectation becomes the reality.


When choosing a contractor to clean, do they understand your situation?

Are they experienced enough to be able to put together options?

Can they add value to your organisation?

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